Become a Funder

  • This $13,100 MEC Land Acquisition Grant provided support in May 2012 for legal and appraisal costs for the acquisition of High Lonesome Nature Reserve. It will also allow us to install interpretive signage along the trails.
  • In March 20111 MMLT was voted by the general public as a runner-up ($10,000) in this Shell Environmental Fund contest. It allowed us to start up our Natural Heritage Mapping Project which will help us identify key priority areas within the MMLT catchment area.
  • In 2010, MMLT began a partnership with the Community Foundation of Ottawa to start up a Stewardship & Monitoring Endowment Fund for the long term costs of maintaining our properties. Through the Caring for the Land You Love Program, CFO committed to matching any funds we raised to a maximum of $20,000. MMLT successfully reached it’s target.
  • The Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program helps land trusts by reimbursing them for legal, appraisal and other contractual costs related to property acquisition. MMLT received $3,154.88 for the Clifford Property in 2010 and $3,427.56 for Rose Hill Nature Reserve in 2011.
  • The Hala and Ivan Environmental Fund (HIVA) provided $10,000 to MMLT in 2009 for part-time administrative support to help get the organization firmly established.  In 2011 HIVA provided an additional $10,000, half of which was used for operational costs of our land securement program and $5,000 towards the concomitant Stewardship Monitoring Endowment Fund.
  • This $25,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation helped launch our organization in 2008 by providing funding for operational expenses and capacity building.