Discover Saddleback Trail, October 14

22 days left
  • Start date:
    October 14, 2018, 10:00 am
  • End date:
    October 14, 2018, 2:00 pm
  • Venue:
    Blueberry Mountain at cliffLAND
  • Place:
    502 Hills of Peace Rd., Flower Station

You’ll have a rare opportunity to Discover Saddleback Trail at our annual fall colours hike at Blueberry Mountain on Sunday, October 14th.  Saddleback Mountain is an apt description given by early settlers to the scenic ridge that begins with Blueberry Mountain and ends with Pike’s Peak.  These two outcroppings provide the highest outlooks in Lanark County.  Both have a unique beauty all their own.  We’re grateful to Brokerlink Insurance in Almonte for sponsoring this event.

Compared with the number of visitors to Blueberry Mountain, relatively few have hiked the ridge to Pike’s Peak.  The reason is the absence of a marked trail between the two points.  This results in a feeling of wildness and unsanitized wilderness grandeur – a delight to the senses.  A few have gotten lost – it is easy to do so – and therefore it is highly recommended that visitors are accompanied by a guide.

The ridge dips and ascends through different habits of natural red pine, oak, white pine, hemlocks, and cedars.  No more than a few minutes pass without beholding magnificent views, including a place named Pulpit Rock which inspires thoughts of a wilderness sermon in pictures.  Many nature lovers have said that this hike is one of the most rewarding they have ever experienced.

For the first time, the Mississippi Madawaska Land Trust and cliffLAND are featuring this guided hike for their annual fall fundraising walk.  Registration opens at 10:00 a.m. and the hike begins at 10:30.  Admission is $10.  For those wishing to go beyond Blueberry Mountain, the Saddleback Mountain ridge adds about an hour of walking time to the half hour it takes to climb Blueberry Mountain.  Bring your lunch and enjoy it on top of Pike’s Peak.  Don’t forget your camera because the views and the colours are spectacular!

Blueberry Mountain is located at 502 Hills of Peace Rd. near Flower Station in Lanark Highlands.  Drive north of Lanark on Highway 511 to Brightside.  Turn left on to the French Line Rd.  Drive towards Flower Station and watch for the right turn when you get to Joe’s Lake. Just before you reach Flower Station, turn right on to Hills of Peace Rd.  For more information, please contact Howard or Jean Clifford at 613-259-3412.